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You should continue to endeavor to holistically exemplify Islamic beliefs over the course of your day at work. We operates with…

Work Ethics

We approach our job with presence, reliability, and a self-driven mentality


We make an effort to respect you, one another, and our students


All of our efforts are directed on winning pleasure of our Creator

Why work with us?

In light of the fact that you, as a professional, desire deeper meaning in your job and that we, as your employer, want to assist you in locating it


Develop a sense of brothers and sisterhood with elite teammates who contribute their knowledge in the service of a bigger cause


Live in an environment that promotes lifelong learning and spiritual and professional growth


Recognize that the environment you are in is well organized and has a high standard of integrity


Engage in collaborative work with international colleagues, teams, and academics


Growing faith in people's hearts may transform lives and leave a lasting legacy.


Work in an environment where your Deen and Dunya are brought together for the same goal

Career opportunities

For the open roles detailed below, we’re looking for the ideal candidates.

Teacher (Female)

Job Title - Qur'an Study with Tajweed & Makharij
Location - Online
Qur'an Teacher with Ijaza & having 2-3 years online teaching experience for all ages.

Teacher (Female)

Job Title - Arabic Language Study
Location - Online
Arabic Teacher with command of the Arabic Language, ability to design the course as per the age group and teach to all ages and should be able to teach the School Arabic curriculum, with a minimum of 2-3 Years of experience.

Admin Staff (Female)

Job Title - Administrative Cordinator
Location - Online
To manage letters, communicate with clients, and interact with the public, a candidate has to possess outstanding written communication abilities. She must be well organized to keep the Schedule of teacher and kids, minimum 2 years of experience.

Digital Marketing (M/F)

Job Title - Digital Marketing Executive
Location - Online
- Plans and implements all display, email, social media, database marketing, and web advertising campaigns.
- Evaluates all digital marketing initiatives' performance, measures it, and reports it, and compares it to objectives (ROI and KPIs).
- Makes use of a strong analytical skill set to assess the entire customer experience across all channels and consumer touch points.
- Prepares, carries out, and evaluates conversion tests and experiments.