Why fasting 6 days on month of Shawwal is so important?

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Ramadan is over, I hope we all did our best. No regrets InSha Allah. I want to bring your attention to something that you will be amazed to know. So, we have fasted for 30 or 29 days, right? And the rewards were great. But do you know that there is something when you do, you get the reward of fasting the whole year! Yes, you read it right! You get the reward of fasting for 365 days.

The Prophet  said, “Whoever fasts Ramadan and then follows it with six [days] from Shawwal, it’s as if they have fasted a year” (Sahih Muslim – 1164a) 

Shawwal is the 10th Month of the Islamic Calendar. It’s the month after Ramadan.

Some points to keep in mind as you plan your fast of Shawwal:


  • The 1stof Shawwal marks the first day of Eid al Fitr, as you know fasting on Eid is forbidden (Haram). Musnad Ahmad 510 So, you can start fasting from the second day of Shawwal.
  • You don’t have to fast immediately after Eid, but you can fast ANY 6 days of Shawwal.
  • Women who have mensurated in Ramadan will have to first makeup their missed fast and then continue keeping the fast of Shawwal.

Ramadan is a blessed month, every minute is blessed, and we all did our best to reap its benefits. We did every possible act of worship to earn rewards and get closer to Allah. Just like days pass, Ramadan has passed too, does this mean Our Imaan, Our Quran, Our Qiyam (Tahajjud) should stop? No! This is the deal! Even after Ramadan, you must continue to do your best and get closer to Allah.


Now let me share some tips with you that I practice to keep my Ramadan spirit On!


  • Make it a point to read a minimum of 1 page of the Qur’an every day, the best time is after Salah because you are spiritually boosted at that time. I try to read a minimum of 4 pages.
  • Certain remembrance of Allah has been mentioned in the Hadith, like Adhkar after Salah

Abu Umama said that the Prophet ﷺ was asked which supplication was most readily listened to, and replied, “One made in the course of the latter part of the night, and after the prescribed (Fardh) prayers.” (Mishkat al Masabih)


and before sleeping. Make it a habit. As I have said in my earlier blog keep your tongue in constant remembrance of Allah.


  • In Ramadan, you put some of your bad habits on hold, it’s time you stopped them. Like watching movies, dramas, and reality shows, listening to music, and spending a lot of time on games and social media. When you have time in hand you come up with creative ideas to spend your day.
  • Listen to Islamic lectures. I listen to lectures to boost my Iman, help me with my shortcomings, and understand the Quran and Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  • Join Quran Classes to polish your Quran reading skills or classes to understand the Quran and so on. There is a lot to learn from the Quran and believe me you will only be amazed at your discovery.
  • Wakeup a few minutes before Fajr and pray Tahajjud.
  • You can continue giving Sadaqah.
  • Besides Ramadan, Fast on the days mentioned by our prophet Muhammad ﷺon the day of Judgement these fast will compensate for our shortcomings in any act of worship.
  • Practice patience in your everyday.

I would say don’t be a ‘Seasonal Muslim’. Your and My Rabb was not the Rab of Ramadan but The Rabb of the entire year and Life from the beginning till the End. Just as you sought his pleasure and his attention on yourself in Ramadan, just like you will seek his mercy on the Day of Judgment…. the same way keeps seeking his Pleasure and Mercy till your last breath.


May Allah keep our Imaan high and pure. May all our deeds be done only for Him and not to show off to people. May Allah have mercy on us, our parents, and the entire mankind.


See you in the next blog, until then keep striving to be a better Muslim every day.


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